Tamara Nicole is Rundle Mall's resident fashion stylist. She can be contacted on 0402 849 703 tamara@tamaranicole.com.au.

Tamara Nicole is a fashion stylist and the proprietor of a personal shopping and wardrobe consultancy. Tamara has more than 15 years experience in both the fashion and image industry.

Tamara is formally trained in personal style, image and colour theory, and is a member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). She combines fashion trends, body shape, colour analysis, budget and lifestyle in her sessions to unfold your unique style. By providing expert advice, she has helped women and men of all ages and sizes to feel their best.

Tamara is a regular on the Adelaide fashion scene, styling for fashion shoots, commercials, visual merchandising displays and events. Tamara’s experience is diverse, working with the corporate and retail sectors, training staff and providing valuable image and style workshops to some of Australia’s most successful companies.

Tamara Nicole can be contacted on 0402 849 703 or email tamara@tamaranicole.com.au


Styling Lounge Services

We all lead chaotic lifestyles and for some, spending hours searching for that perfect outfit can be overwhelming and, at times, confusing. If you're frustrated with standing in front of your closet, wondering what to wear and how to wear it, you are not alone. Tamara hears from many people their wardrobe is in a need of an overhaul. A personal stylist once sounded like a glamorous thing to have; these days working with a fashion expert who understands your body shape, personality and lifestyle is a time saving, cost effective way of looking great all the time.

Personal Styling

One-on-one personal styling sessions are a fantastic way to learn the tips and tricks of dressing for your body shape and accentuating your assets. You will be provided with professional advice on what looks suit you best and working within your budget. Everyone has individual requirements, so each session is tailor-made for you. Your consultation will cover a number of important factors:

  • Body shape: This will determine what shape, cut and length of garment will best suit you and how to make the most of your best assets.
  • Body Proportions and Particulars: This will give you the knowledge of what size accessories, patterns and fabric to wear; you will learn how to camouflage and highlight areas of your body.
  • Personality and lifestyle: Tamara will determine what style of clothing best flatters you and your functional needs.
  • Face Shape: This will give you the tools to select the most flattering necklines, glasses and hairstyles.
  • Colour: Tamara will give you an idea of what colours are the most complementary.

For more information, call Tamara on 0402849703 or email tamara@tamaranicole.com.au

Wardrobe Overhaul

We are all guilty of having too many things in our wardrobe that we won't throw out, because we might wear it one day. The truth is, if you haven’t worn it yet, you probably never will. Once going through your wardrobe and fine-tuning the content, you will get advice on how to best organise and manage your clothing and accessories. We will look at what key items you need to fill any holes you may have to create a workable wardrobe.

For more information, call Tamara on 0402849703 or email tamara@tamaranicole.com.au

Colour Analysis

The visual impact of colour on a person is immediate and lasting. Recognising your ideal colours will ensure you always look fresh and vibrant. During your colour consultation:

  • Tamara will determine your most flattering colours using a colour draping system.
  • Tamara will show you how to use your new colour swatch.
  • You will discover the best colours to compliment your hair, eyes and skin.
  • Yourself and Tamara will unfold the ways to wear your perfect colours and how to incorporate them in your wardrobe.
  • You will be shown your best neutral colours and how to use them to build a great basic wardrobe.

For more information, call Tamara on 0402849703 or email tamara@tamaranicole.com.au

Group Shopping Tour

Book an Unfold Rundle Mall Shopping Tour for a fun, educational experience with a theme tailored to a small group of six to eight people. From budgets to blowout buys, fuller figures to capsule wardrobes, there are themes to suit women and men of all ages. The group will receive expert fashion and styling advice from Rundle Mall Stylist Tamara Nicole, a qualified image consultant. A shopping tour will run for four hours. The first hour is spent educating the group on their chosen topic.Each person will receive notes to take home after three hours of shopping in the precinct. Tamara will act as a mentor, guiding each person to select the perfect items.

For more information or to book a tour, call Tamara on 0402849703 or email tamara@tamaranicole.com.au

Gift Certificates

All services are available as gift options.

For more information, call Tamara on 0402849703 or email tamara@tamaranicole.com.au