union-pay-webWith 4.5 billion cardholders around the world, more people know and trust UnionPay than any other card. And with more than 700,000 potential customers in Australia and the highest average spending of any card, your business will benefit too.

UnionPay is the card of choice for Chinese tourists and students. This means that when they’re shopping for souvenirs, high fashion or everyday entertainment during their visit to Australia, they will be looking for a store that accepts their preferred card.

If you’re an existing CommBank customer your merchant terminal is already set up to accept UnionPay. To let customers know you accept UnionPay all you need to do is place a UnionPay sticker in your window.

You can order your stickers at commbank.com.au/eftposstationery.

Check with your bank how to set up UnionPay.