Rundle Mall Fountain

The Fountain is currently located adjacent to the entrance of Adelaide Arcade, but it has moved several times since it was first cast in the late 1800s.

Two fountains, one of which now resides in Rundle Mall, were originally erected in front of the Jubilee Exhibition Building on North Terrace.  These fountains were constructed in the late Victorian era and are examples of the domestic fountains of the period.

In 1908, the two fountains were handed over to the Adelaide City Council by the South Australian Government. One was to be erected in North Adelaide and the other in South Adelaide.

The larger of the two fountains is now situated in Creswell Gardens adjacent to the Adelaide Oval.  The smaller fountain was moved from Osmond Gardens to Rundle Mall, and erected at the junction of Gawler Place and Rundle Mall.

The fountain was subsequently moved further down the Mall and is now adjacent to the entrance to Adelaide Arcade.  It has also been painstakingly repainted in colours of the Victorian era.

The water effect of this fountain consists solely of the spray from the top of the fountain overflowing to the central bowl, finally dropping into the ground level basin.