How To Find Your Personal Style

I was recently interviewed by journalist Rebecca Baker on how to rediscover your personal style. We all have busy lifestyles with families that take priority in our lives. Shopping and personal style seem to be an after thought for most of us.

Here are my tips on how the rediscover your personal style.

DO some research: The best way to find your style again is to determine what you like and an easy way to do this is to create a mood board. Use social media app Pinterest or find images online or in a magazine or catalogue — once you have started collecting the images, you will start to see a pattern form of styles that you are drawn to, from there you can be inspired to create your own personal style.

IT is really important to get the fit right. Your size will change from store to store and the fabric will also determine which size you need to try on. If it has stretch you may need to go down a size but if the fabric has no movement you may need to go up a size or two to get the perfect fit.

TRUST your instincts and don’t purchase something unless you love it — if you have any doubt in the store you will regret the purchase when you get home. It is better to have a few loved items in your wardrobe that you wear often than a wardrobe full of pieces that are OK and never worn.

PRE shop before you go into an outlet by seeing what is available on the store’s website first. It is a great way to get a close-up look of each available garment without feeling overwhelmed in the store. If you find items you are interested in write them down and allow the retail assistant to find them for you in the store — retail assistants are there to help.

DON’T be shy and ask as many questions as you like: Does it stretch? How have you found the fit? Does it wash well?

THE goal is to have items that mix and match to ensure you have a range of outfit options with only a few pieces of clothing — the items in your wardrobe need to suit your lifestyle and personality. For example, a five-piece wardrobe for a busy mum could include: A pair of jeans, a grey T-shirt, a striped top, a blazer jacket and a drape cardigan or relaxed trench coat.

By using the jeans as a base each top will work on its own — or with the jacket or cardigan combination — to create casual through to smart casual options. The outfits can easily be worn to playgroup or school pick up then with a jacket and shoe change out to dinner.

If you need helps discovering your style why not book a one on one personal styling session. For more information call Tamara on 0402849703 or email