How to Edit Your Wardrobe

Firstly, you need to decide which items you  enjoy wearing and set them aside.

Next try on the remaining garments one at a time and access the fit, colour and style. Look at each piece constructively, ask yourself; Does it flatter my shape? Do I feel really comfortable? Do I love it?

Decide whether it stays or whether it is time to part ways.

If you find it difficult to part with your wardrobe items you could book a wardrobe review with me. The session takes place in your home. During a wardrobe review we cover your personal styling principles so you understand why certain items work and other don't. We will cover the important elements of personal style your body shape, colouring and proportions. Once going through your wardrobe and fine-tuning the contents. You will then receive advice on how to best mix and match existing clothing and accessories. We will look at what key items you need  to fill any holes you may have to create a functional, workable wardrobe.

If you would like any further information contact Tamara on 0402849703 or email

Happy Shopping!

Tamara Nicole The Rundle Mall Stylist X