How To Choose the Right Colour Code for You

This spring-summer season is all about bold vibrant colour!

The best way to tell which colours most complement your skin tone is to stand in front of the mirror in good daylight and hold the color next to your face. If the color makes you look tired or drained it is all wrong for you.

The right colours will liven your complexion, make you look healthy, draw attention up to your face, and make your eyes pop and your skin glow.

Black can be very harsh and ageing to most women, but it is a great neutral base. Try layering a complementary colour close to your face with a scarf, accessories, fabulous jacket or top. It will make you glow and tone down the black. If you're looking for a black alternative try on-trend grey and navy options instead.

If you need help determining the right colour for you why not book a colour analysis. For more information call Tamara on 0402849703 or email