Meridian Vocational College

Meridian Vocational College
Meridian Vocational College
Location: Level 2, 50 Grenfell Street, Adelaide, South Australia

MVC is registered training organisation (RTO) registered with the ASQA and CRICOS.

MVC aims to deliver high quality, innovative and engaging training that is relevant to clients, employers and industry.

Our commitment to continuous improvement means we are constantly developing and improving new resources, processes and facilitation methods to remain ahead in technology and industry standards.

As an RTO, MVC is bound to comply with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (SRTOs) 2015. Training Services provided to clients follow policies and processes developed to meet the VET Quality Framework and SRTOs 2015.

MVC offers a range of training products and services which includes the following:
SIT30816 - Certificate III in Commercial Cookery
SIT40516 - Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery
SIT50416 - Diploma of Hospitality Management
BSB51915 - Diploma of Leadership and Management

Phone: 0432 421 482