Adelaide Exchange

Adelaide Exchange
Adelaide Exchange
Location: 10 Stephens Place, Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide Exchange. Where Gold is Sold.
- Since 1984
- Leading Gold & Silver Bullion Trader
- Beautiful Ranges of Brand New and Vintage Jewellery
- The Place for Diamond Rings, Engagement Rings and Dress Rings
- Gold Jewellery Specialists
- Largest Range of Rose (Pink) Gold in Australia
- Best Prices Paid for Jewellery and Gold of Every Description (even broken items)
- Coin Dealers - Buy & Sell Coins at Very Competitive Prices
Remember...antique jewellery is the heirloom you don't have to wait for!
Adelaide Exchange Jewellers was established in 1984 in Adelaide, South Australia and since has grown to become Australia's premier New & Vintage Jewellery boutique and leading Gold & Silver Bullion Trader. The flagship store, situated in Stephens Place in the Adelaide CBD, has long been a magnet for bullion investors and connoisseurs of fine jewellery.

Phone: 08 8212 2496