There has never been a better time to start practising yoga!

Open to everyone, Lululemon in James Place holds free (yes, you read that right) yoga and Pilates classes every Tuesday and Sunday. Pushing aside their stock before each class, Lululemon creates an instant yoga studio for anyone wanting to take some time out of their day and treat themselves to a yoga class.

No matter your age, fitness level or flexibility yoga is for everyone!


There are so many benefits to practising yoga:

  • Helps to relieve stress
  • You’ll find you’re breathing easier after a few classes
  • Increases your flexibility
  • Helps to ease pain (back and neck pain, arthritis, multiple sclerosis)
  • Increases muscle strength
  • Helps with weight management
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Improves self-awareness and self-esteem
  • Increases fitness level


When choosing your clothes for yoga it’s important to wear something that you’re able to easily move in – this does not mean jeans or jeggings! You’re also going to be moving your body in a lot of different ways so it’s important for you (and your instructor to see) that you maintain proper alignment. For this reason, baggy clothing is not an option.

Depending on the type of yoga that you’re practising, you may find that you’re sweating a lot. In case this does happen, instead of relying on the back of your forearm to wipe away the sweat, always bring a small towel. It’s always a good idea to bring a water bottle as well to help you stay cool and hydrated throughout and after class. If you don’t want to have your clothes saturated in sweat after your class (who does?!) wear clothes that dry quickly and keep moisture away. You also want the fabric that you’re wearing to stretch easily, making it easier for you to move in class.

In most studios you are required to bring your own yoga mat. Although it might be tempting to hire one from the studio you’re attending (if available) if you’re going to attend yoga regularly (and trust us you’ll want to after trying it) it’s worth buying your own mat. These come in a range of colours and thickness levels.

Lululemon in James Place has you sorted for all your yoga needs including clothes, socks, mats, towels, water bottles and more! Make sure to drop in and check out their awesome range!


Lululemon is holding a yoga and meditation class in their James Place store this Sunday (May 1) at 9:30am.

Make sure to check out Lululemon athletica Adelaide for more classes!   



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