Media Release: Next Stage of Rundle Mall Redevelopment Begins

With 400,000 weekly visitors the Rundle Mall Precinct is the heart of South Australian retail; a hub for fashion, beauty, lifestyle and food in the City of Adelaide. Bound by North Terrace, King William Street, Grenfell Street and Pulteney Street, the precinct has Rundle Mall as its centrepiece.

In 2011, a Master Plan for Rundle Mall was developed to guide the future competitiveness of the precinct with the first stage of the Master Plan completed in 2015.

The next stage of the Master Plan to be completed will be Gawler Place, from North Terrace to Grenfell Street, to create a more appealing street experience and maximise the pedestrian route from the Riverbank Precinct, North Terrace, Rundle Mall and the wider CBD.

The Project Vision:

“The Gawler Place upgrade will enhance the performance of the Rundle Mall Precinct, create better streets for people, ensure economic viability for businesses, good design and provide a high-quality, beautiful public space.”

The project proposes to include improved pedestrian movement and cycle access, greening, new lighting, street furniture, public art and rationalised loading.


Council’s design team are currently working on a concept design for Gawler Place, North and South of Rundle Mall. It is intended that all key stakeholders will have a chance to meet the design team and have their say in early 2017.

All feedback will be collated and the design will be developed ready for construction in late 2017.

Council and the RMMA will be working closely with all key stakeholders directly affected at the time of construction, to ensure that disruption to businesses is minimised.

Regular updates throughout the project will be provided to traders via the regular RMMA memo.

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  1. Who is funding the Project?

As part of Adelaide City Council's 2016-2020 Strategic Plan and 2016-17 Integrated Business Plan and Budget, $7.6 million has been allocated for the re-development of Gawler Place, North and South of Rundle Mall.


  1. What will the money be spent on?

The design is likely to include new lighting, paving, greening and public art.


  1. Will the design include any greening?

Yes - greening will be used to improve and enhance the streetscape. The greening used will be subject to analysis of underground services and what works with the design.


  1. What are the next steps?

The design team are undergoing detailed site analysis, research and surveys of the site area to understand the daily operations of the street. The design team will start some early conversations with traders to understand daily requirements of operation.

Once the design is endorsed by Council a procurement process will find the construction team and work will begin. It is undecided at this stage if North or South will be constructed first.


  1. How long until we will actually see something happen?

t will take about 6 months to analyse the site and all the data, and gather all of the stakeholder feedback to inform the final design. It is intended that the majority of construction works will not start until after the Christmas trading period 2017.


  1. Will the adjacent streets and private laneways be revitalised as part of the re-development?

Yes – Private lanes and arcades are crucial to supporting the amenities and infrastructure of Gawler Place and will be integrated into the design, providing a stronger, more connected pedestrian network.  Negotiations and discussions will need to be undertaken with all the relevant property owners.


  1. How will the design be developed?

Key stakeholders and traders will be engaged in the design process and will have opportunity to submit their views, before the final design is presented to Council for endorsement.

Impact on Traders

  1. What impact will the upgrade have on traders?

The Gawler Place upgrade will benefit everyone – shoppers, traders, the economy and the state. Proposed design ideas when finalised may require some changes to traders, but no decision will be made until full consultation is conducted with key stakeholders and traders.


  1. How will the re-development help traders compete with online shopping?

Rundle Mall has the unique benefit of having close to 120,000 city workers on its doorstep. The original Master Plan was implemented to place the Mall in the best position to grow its retail market-share, and since its completion more external traders have been encouraged into the Mall.

The Gawler Place upgrade will provide increased amenities and infrastructure to support Rundle Mall’s overall retail targets, and allow existing retailers to grow their business, and encourage the development of new and innovative activations for the space.


  1. How will people know we're still open for business during construction?

Council and RMMA will work closely with the traders during the construction process to minimise the impact on businesses, and implement appropriate “business as usual” signage to provide the best outcome possible.


  1. Will trade be affected during peak retail times such as Christmas, New Years, Mad March and Easter?

It is intended that construction will avoid peak periods, especially Christmas, however, Mad March may be slightly impacted and timing will be confirmed closer to the date.

Parking and Transport

  1. What about transport?

Upgrading Gawler Place will provide a stronger integrated movement network where pedestrians work harmoniously with bicycles, vehicles and loading to the street.


  1. Will the Gawler Place U-Park be open during construction?

Yes – Construction will be staged to allow easy access into and out of the U-Park on Gawler Place which will operate “business as usual”.


  1. Will there be access for service deliveries and emergency vehicles during construction?

Yes – A Transport Management Plan will be developed and emergency services will be notified of the construction occurring in Gawler Place.


  1. What will happen to the disabled car parking during construction of Gawler Place?

It is likely that the two disabled parking spots on the south side of Gawler Place and one disabled parking spot on the north side of Gawler Place will be affected during the construction period.

All UPark car parks, including Gawler Place, provide two hours of free parking up to 52 times per year with an Accessibility Pass that can be applied for directly with UPark. The Application Form must be filled out and submitted directly to UPark with an attached copy of a current SA Disability Parking Permit.

The UPark Accessibility Pass supersedes any other Disability Parking Permit discounts available at UPark.


  1. Will there be facilities for cyclists?

It is likely bike facilities will be affected during the construction period, however there are bike parking facilities located in other areas of Rundle Mall.

Alternatively, all UPark’s, including Gawler Place, provide free undercover bike racks for cyclists with the provision of their own security i.e. bike locks.


  1. What will happen to events in Gawler Place during construction?

Events will be relocated along the Mall to minimise disruption.


  1. Who do I contact for more information?

You can send your queries or comments to