Letter from the Editor of the Rundle Mall Unfold Magazine

Amanda Grocock is a city dweller, a marketing and branding expert, the General Manager of the Rundle Mall Management Authority and the Editor of the brand new UNFOLD Magazine.

Both living and working in the City of Adelaide gives Amanda a uniquely urban outlook and here she shares some of her favourite pieces for this Spring Summer season.

 “as I traverse the CBD on my way home, I can’t help but notice how many people find more wonder in their phone than in their surroundings.”

When you travel it’s not unusual to see fellow holidaymakers, full of fascination, wandering the street well into the evening hours, or looking up and taking in beautiful architecture. Yet, as I traverse the CBD on my way home in the evening or walk the Mall throughout the day, I can’t help but notice how many people find more wonder in their phone than in their surroundings. So why is it that in the place we spend the most time, we spend the least amount of time exploring?

Earlier this year the Rundle Mall Management Authority launched the ‘UNFOLD Rundle Mall’ brand. It’s a new way to tell people about what the Mall can be – a platform to reinvigorate a sense of discovery in our own city, and by extension UNFOLD Magazine is designed to showcase the plethora of hidden gems available in Rundle Mall.

UNFOLD Magazine should surprise and delight you, and I encourage South Australian residents and visitors alike  to rediscover the Mall precinct, unfold new, exciting, eclectic and diverse experiences, and discover the precinct’s burgeoning café culture, restaurants and bars plus the huge array of retail shops on offer for themselves. I can attest that there are always new surprises to be had, but it often means slipping down a small laneway, walking up a mysterious staircase or simply sitting in the Mall and soaking up the mish mash of people and activity.

I’m so proud to be launching a new era for Rundle Mall; an era where everything’s the same, but just a little bit different. UNFOLD Magazine’s new landscape format is a testament to this philosophy, supported by a brand new online platform making all of this beautiful content available to the masses via rundlemall.com/Unfold. As always, you can also stay up to date by following Rundle Mall’s social media channels, and in the spirit of discovery, I implore you to share what you uncover in the Rundle Mall precinct by using #RundleMall.

I look forward to seeing you in the Mall!