How To Get Your Outfit Foundation Right

When shopping for new garments most women only think about the clothing that everyone else sees. They want their outfits to be well fitting and stylish. What many fail to realise is that what’s under our outfit is what really counts, just as much as the style and shape of the outfit itself.

You need to choose undergarments that flatter your body type and create a smooth foundation for your clothing.

A poor fit is a sure way to sabotage an otherwise amazing outfit. Your underwear is a foundation for your outerwear, and should never be visible. It should always provide a firm, supportive foundation keeping all your curves in the correct places with no extra lumps and bumps.

Here are a few tips:

  • Always wear a skin colour bra under a white garment never white or black
  • Get professionally fit for a Bra each year to maintain the best fit possible
  • Go for a seamless brief to alleviate the dreaded VPL (visible panty line)
  • Opt for shape wear to give you a smooth line under a fitted garment
  • The correct fit can visually shed kilos instantly!

Visit a bra fitting specialists for one on one advice to guarantee you have it right.

Happy Shopping!