How do I add my business to the Stores and Services Directory?


This article is for businesses within the Rundle Mall precinct that do not currently have a listing in the Rundle Mall Stores and Services Directory.

If your business is already listed in the Directory, and you wish to edit the listing, you can:

Claim your listing, if you haven't previously established an account on this website; or

Edit your listing, if you have an existing account on this website.

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To list your business, follow this process:

  1. IMPORTANT: Check the Stores and Services Directory to see if your business is already listed. If your business is already listed, there are other processes that you need to follow to either claim the listing (for the first time) or edit the listing (if you've previously registered on this site).
  2. If your business is not currently listed, visit the online registration form here (link will open in a new window, so that you continue following these instructions).
  3. The first page of the registration form covers business information that is not displayed on the website - these details are for Rundle Mall's internal use only and your contact details will be stored so that we can get in touch with you via email and telephone.
  4. Complete the form, hit Submit and you'll be directed to an account creation form.  It's necessary for you to establish an 'account' on our website before you are able to create a business listing.
  5. Type in a username of your choosing, and your email address. Hit 'Register'
  6. A confirmation email will now be sent to your email account. Open your email client (eg. Microsoft Outlook) and click on the link in the email.
  7. You will be taken to a page where you can specify a password for your account (one will be suggested for you, but you can change this to whatever you like). Type in a memorable password and hit 'Reset Password'.
  8. Now click the 'Log in' link and enter your new account details.  You will be directed to the 'Submit a Listing' form. This information will be shown on the Rundle Mall website.
  9. In the Category Selection, specify the 'categories' that your retail store or service belongs to. You can select multiple categories by holding down CTRL and clicking the left mouse button simultaneously. You should specify at least two categories: a location category from 'Arcades and Centres', as well as a thematic category (eg. Fashion > Footwear) as a minimum. Hit 'Continue'.
  10. Complete your Listing Information and hit 'Continue':
    1. Business Name - your trading name as it will appear in the directory
    2. Short Business Description - a short phrase that describes in a couple of words what your business does - eg. Streetwear Fashion Retailer
    3. Location - a full location address: eg. Shop X, Rundle Mall Plaza, Rundle Mall, Adelaide, South Australia
    4. Long Business Description - a detailed business description that explains the service you provide or the products that you sell
    5. Phone - your customer telephone number
    6. Fax - your customer fax number, if you have one
    7. Website URL - your web address (eg. and the link text (eg. Yourstore website)
    8. Twitter - your full Twitter feed URL if you have one (eg.
    9. Facebook - your full Facebook Page URL if you have one (eg.
    10. CAPTCHA code declaration - tick the box to prove that you're not an automated script completing this form
  11. You will be taken to the Listing Images page. You have the ability to upload up to four images for your business, including your logo. Use the upload or drag and drop function to upload your images. Hit 'Continue'.
  12. Your application will be submitted to Rundle Mall Management Authority for review and approval. You will receive an email confirming receipt of your application, and a second email once approval has been granted.