Gawler Place Upgrade - Fast Facts


Gawler Place North – Current use

  • Current use of space – 26% for pedestrians, 74% cars
  • 9,500 pedestrians use Gawler Place North every day (2,500 just between 12 pm-2 pm)
  • 16,000 pedestrians use Gawler/North Tce intersectiondaily
  • 255 cyclists
  • Estimated that 5,000 people will use new North Tce/Gawler Pl tram stop. This will create an estimated 3,000 more pedestrians using Gawler PlaceNorth
  • Vehiclemovements: • Loading – 20% commercial, 80%public
  • This all results in lots of doubled parking andU-turns
  • Taxis: • 224 taxis entered for 75 pick-ups.
  • Large number of taxis sitting andwaiting.
  • Accessible parking: • 50%used
  • There are 14 accessible parking spaces within UPark that are not well known. First two hours free.

Gawler Place North – Future plans

  • Extension of Rundle Mall with a beautiful space for outdoor dining andshade
  • A high quality civic space used for events and activation activities
  • Widened footpaths with high quality paving to improve the connection to new tram stop, Kintore Ave and Rundle Mall
  • Maintain access for UPark, commercial loading andcouriers
  • Maintain on street accessible parking
  • Optimise road lanes
  • Relocate taxi rank to be more visible on North Terrace and connect to the new tram stop

Gawler Place South – Current use

  • Busiest pedestrian laneway in the Rundle Mall precinct with one metre wide footpaths
  • 35% of street is dedicated to pedestrians, with 65% dedicated tovehicles
  • 160 three point turns – lots of 4,5 and 6 point turns at FeatherstonePlace
  • Loading Zones: • 86% loading zones used 6am-11am,
  • 46% no stopping zones used illegally 11am-2pm anyday,
  • 31% no parking zones used 2pm-6pm any day
  • Two hour accessible bays – 65% used, difficult to get to. Wheelchair users typically avoid this area due to lack of space.
  • Pedestrians: • 16,000 people use Gawler Place South daily
  • 5,500 between 12pm-2pm daily
  • 31,000 use the Gawler/Grenfell intersectiondaily

Gawler Place South – Future plans

  • An extension of the Mall
  • High quality paving, seating and tree planting
  • Widened footpaths with high quality paving to improve the connection to Grenfell Street and Rundle Mall
  • Beautiful, shaded areas for outdoor dining
  • Maintain access for private vehicles, commercialloading and couriers


What is the Gawler Place Upgrade? The upgrade will include Gawler Place North (North Terrace to Rundle Mall) and Gawler Place South (Rundle Mall to Grenfell Street) to establish a contemporary, pedestrian focussed link, connected to the heart of the Rundle Mall Precinct. The concept design will include new paving, lighting, tree planting and seating.

Why do we need to upgrade the Street? In 2010/11 a Masterplan for Rundle Mall was developed to guide the future direction of the precinct to become one of South Australia’s premier retail destinations. Gawler Place was identified as one of the first projects for redevelopment.

Gawler Place is a key link to the transport corridor of Grenfell Street, the new tram stop on North Terrace, the recently completed ANZAC Memorial Walk on Kintore Avenue, the cultural boulevard of North Terrace and the Riverbank precinct.

As a vital connector for these key city destinations, Gawler Place is in high-demand from both pedestrians and vehicles. The quality and function of the street is in poor condition and needs to be upgraded to meet increasing demands, improve the Mall precinct and align with the high quality of Rundle Mall.

How much will it cost? As part of The City of Adelaide (CoA) 2016-2020 Strategic Plan and 2016-17 Integrated Business Plan and Budget, $7.85 million has been allocated for the redevelopment of Gawler Place.

Will the design include any greening? Yes - greening such as tree planting, understory planting and climbers, will be an important part of the design. It will be used to improve and enhance the streetscape to provide shade and cooling.

What are the next steps? Once we have received all of the feedback in the engagement period, this will be collated and used to inform the development of the concept design. The concept designs will then be developed into detailed designs for construction and a construction team will be brought in to undertake the work. The construction is due to start in January 2018 and will take 6-8 months to complete both sections.

What about other sections of Gawler Place?

At this stage, Council has allocated funding for works for Gawler Place from North Terrace to Grenfell Street. The remaining section of Gawler Place from Grenfell Street to Wakefield Street will be considered in the future and will be subject to additional funding.

What will happen during construction?

The CoA and Rundle Mall Management Authority (RMMA) will work with the traders during the construction process to minimise the impact on businesses, and implement appropriate “business as usual” signage to provide the best outcome possible.

What will happen to the taxi rank in Gawler Place North?

The taxi rank will be relocated to make space for a beautiful space for people to sit, relax and enjoy the surroundings. There will still be taxi bays on street in addition to 3 bays proposed for North Terrace.

What will happen to loading bays after the upgrade?

There are no changes to the number of loading bays in the concept design for Gawler Place South. There will be additional loading bays located in Gawler Place North.

What about the laneways connected to Gawler Place?

There a two laneways which connect directly into Gawler Place, namely Fisher Place in the North and Featherstone Place in the South. These laneways are privately owned streets and therefore are outside of the scope of this project. Any upgrade work to these streets, would be the responsibility and cost of those interested parties. The concept design ensures private vehicle access to these laneways is maintained at all times.

Will there be facilities for cyclists? Yes, there will be additional bike racks included as part of the new design, both in Gawler Place North and Gawler Place South.

What will happen to the accessible car parking as part of the upgrade?

Accessibility to all users is a fundamental part of the concept design and we have consulted with CoA’s Access and Inclusion Panel on this matter. It is likely that the two accessible parking spaces on the south side of Gawler Place will be removed in the upgrade, with some on-street parks retained in the northern section. An accessible-only drop-off and pick-up space will be located in Gawler Place South, to cater for the nearby medical and dental practices.The accessibility of the street overall will be dramatically improved. There will be widened footpaths, new, level paving and open, clear and uncluttered areas to easily move through the space, which will make it far more accessible for all users.



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