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About Rundle Mall

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Welcome to Rundle Mall.  Rundle Mall is Adelaide’s premier retail destination and meeting place.

With over 400,000 customers every week and 23 million visitors annually, Rundle Mall is the most popular attraction in the state of South Australia.

Rundle Mall offers the largest selection of shopping facilities in Adelaide, including the four-leading department stores, 15 arcades and centres, 700 retailers and more than 300 non-retail services and offices.

The Rundle Mall precinct is an important tourist destination with 85% of all interstate and overseas travellers that visit Adelaide also setting foot in Rundle Mall.  The Mall precinct employs approximately 5,000 retail and office workers and it has 3,000 food court seats with a wide variety of food offerings.

In this section, you will find information about how to get to Rundle Mall and how to get around the Rundle Mall precinct.

You can learn about the history of Rundle Mall and its landmarks, including the Mall's Balls, the Fountain, the Rundle Lantern and Beehive Corner.

You can get information about our shopping hours, car parking facilities, wireless hotspots and the Rundle Mall Discovery Trail.  There's specific information for seniors and for kids.

You can also learn about the Rundle Mall Management Authority, its board and staff.


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